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Watermelon Marketing Minute

A Blend of Summer Romance

Some weeks it’s hard to find marketing curiosities to share with you all… and then other weeks brands like Smoothie King use A.I. to write a romance novel promoting a watermelon smoothie.


The professionals at mixing things up, Smoothie King, are at it again with the “thirstiest novel of the summer”, A Summer Fling to the X-Treme, tapping into the newfound A.I. hype and romance novel renaissance bolstered by Gen Z. The “story” follows the hijinx of love interest “Millie” and new kid in town “Walter Melon,” with chapters written with the help of Open A.I.’s ChatGPT that are as sweet and inspired as, well, frozen fruit.


Three hundred paperback copies will be sent out to smoothie sentimentalists, each with hidden codes that the readers can crack for Smoothie King-related deals. We’re amazed at how consumer-facing stunts making use of generative A.I. are becoming more mainstream, and they deserve some serious attention!


It’s really only a matter of time before we get an A.I. generated Broadway musical all about selling hairspray.

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