Vans Marketing Minute

A Campaign with Legs, Er, Shoes.

Vans, the boxy motor vehicle, and Vans, the footwear brand, have combined to create (wait for it): “Vans vans.” After writing many letters, Vans has finally allowed consumers a chance to experience what it’s like to take a walk, sorry, a drive, in their shoes. Two transit vans transformed into exact replicas of MTE-3 high tops toured New York, giving out free pairs to passersby. What was designed as a clever OOH stunt to show off how their sneakers can sustain the cold and rain ended up being a huge success on social media thanks to user-generated content. The campaign saw more than 1 million video views and over 88 thousand likes with its product demo turned test drive. While that’s all fine and dandy, we just can’t stop thinking about how perfect a gift this would be for a Transformer.

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