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Coca Cola Marketing Minute

AI Software Meets Soft Drink

A new partnership between management consultancy Bain and Company and OpenAI (developers of DALL.E and ChatGPT) has finally landed its first pop-ular customer: Coca-Cola®. In an age when schools are banning AI for an influx in cheating and businesses like JPMorgan restrict their staff from using it, Coca-Cola® said, “Hold my soda,” and dove head first. Coke’s approach is the most ambitious that OpenAI has seen, as the beverage behemoth intends to use AI to improve internal efficiency and enhance their marketing by becoming more reliant on images and *gulp* personalized ad copy. AI has quickly become one of the most talked about technologies this year, and with Coca-Cola® being one of the most recognized packaged goods, this collaboration could speed up AI’s popularity even more. However, there is still much skepticism about AI since it is no stranger to getting things wrong and confidently providing misinformation. At the end of the day, while AI may change advertising, most people still believe it won’t revolutionize it.

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