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Amazon VR Marketing Minute

Amazon Came to Play

Ever thought, “If only there was a way to buy a sweet Fortnite hoodie WITHOUT having to stop the game!”



Yes, it seems online shopping has become an increasing hassle (especially for gamers), and no one seems to understand it better than Amazon as they roll out their new digital shopping experience, “Amazon Anywhere.” It’s a virtual path to purchasing real-world items without consumers even having to leave the game—hallelujah!



Amazon intends to meet their consumers with the products they want in the places they love: virtual worlds (you know, because we’ve all had the overwhelming urge to buy a pickaxe while playing Minecraft), Digs aside, Amazon clearly sees a “prime” opportunity for e-commerce efficiencies in digital entertainment, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more games and companies follow suit.



So, real talk Amazon. How much would it cost for an extra life? Or are you just playing games?

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