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T Pain Marketing Minute

An Auto-Tuned Treat

There are iconic partnerships like Lennon and McCartney, Laurel and Hardy, and Ben and Jerry, but where they all lack, Wendy’s makes up for it in their latest head-bopping, gut-busting, soft-serving partnership.


Wendy’s and T-Pain, sorry, *adjusts glasses* “Fros-T Pain”, released a new tune, “Buy U a Frosty” remixed from the 2007 smash hit, “Buy U a Drank”. (Suppose they don’t give out Grammys for grammar.)


Wendy’s believes this pop-culture nostalgia will resonate with consumers, coming fresh off the heels of other brands that have also had famous musicians re-record their songs for product jingles. (Like Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Chex-Mix’s “Bagel Is Back”—hey, they aren’t all winners.)


A stunt like this from Wendy’s somehow feels on brand considering their push to engage with younger audiences through a more sarcastic and sometimes combative tone in their ads and social channels.


But I suppose we’ll see how effective a heavily auto-tuned music video set in a Wendy’s nightclub about strawberry soft serve is.

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