An Underwhelming Pair

Uniting two retail juggernauts to change the shoe and accessory game as we know it… was at least the thought behind this pitch meeting. Nike and Tiffany & Co. recently announced a collaboration, unveiling a limited-edition shoe with sterling silver accessories, only for it to be met with a “meh” response. What started as a Twitter teaser eventually led to leaks of simple black sneakers with a Tiffany turquoise swoop that have sparked unsolicited critiques from consumers. Feeling unsatisfied, people quickly turned to AI in order to generate concepts that “better” encapsulate the brands. These computerized mock-ups promptly captured the attention of users, making the actual product feel even more uninspired than before. This case brings up an interesting question for the future of marketing: Will brands need to consider AI expectations as artificial intelligence continues to go mainstream and people play around with brand identities and products? Personally, we think a lot more people would’ve liked it if they would’ve put a ring on it.

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