A Cast of Characters

Cocktails with Creatives - Cool Cast of Characters

There is a lot that can be done with illustration or developing a mascot for your company. Listen in on this episode and hear from Marbury’s Senior Art Director and VP of Production on some interesting things Marbury is doing for its clients! Watch more Episodes

Can it be Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cocktails with Creatives - Can it be Cannabidiol (CBD)

What is CBD? How does it differ from marijuana? Is hemp the same thing? A lot of people are asking these questions as regulation is being discussed and more states are opening dispensaries. Listen to this episode with Marbury’s food and beverage expert, Heather Taylor, Account Director. Watch more Episodes

The Next Phase of Telehealth

Phone with healthcare apps on screen

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive acceleration in the telecommunication practices for healthcare. As you may have read in our previous Telemedicine blog, these on-demand practices have been around for decades; but never fully embraced until this year. With many new telemedical tech terms, there are common misunderstandings between telecare, telemedicine, and telehealth. While […]

Tickity Tokity for TikTok

Tiktok Logo on phone with TikToker in the background

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about TikTok since it has been all the rage this year. With its trendy dances, tutorials on how to make whipped coffee, and DIY tips and tricks to turn your van into a home – it’s the platform Gen Z has their eyes glued on. A variety of brands, […]


Doctor on a telemedicine call with sick patient

Almost a hundred years ago an inventor by the name of Hugo Gernshbacher envisioned a device that would phase out risky visits to the doctor’s office. He imagined your doctor would sit in front of a bubble-shaped monitor through which he could perform your physical using a pair of thin, elongated metal sticks (stemming from […]

Current Social Media Recommendation for Brands

"Lets Do This" in funky font on purple background

There is a lot of anxiety, confusion, and stress around the current pandemic, the Coronavirus, now commonly referred to as COVID-19. For social media, it’s a tightrope walk between respectful acknowledgement of the current environment and the need to run a business and continuing to operate through its duration. Social media users are hypersensitive right […]

Viral Marketing

Boarded door with "Gone Viral" written on the wood

Have you been tasked to make your next campaign go viral? How much research time did you just put into understanding Baby Yoda memes? Don’t want to answer that…we understand. Going viral is an incredibly difficult task, like catching lightning in a bottle. Except your bottle opens up a few weeks later, and there is […]

IGTV – is it for you?

iPhone with IGTV intro on the screen

We LOVE IGTV and have some exciting things in store for our clients in 2020. It’s exploding, but a lot of people still don’t know about it, or know why it’s all the rage. We had a quick sit down with our social media manager, George Carlton. He’ll give you the 5 minute download on […]