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What’s Ad is New Again

Many big brands are going green, but rarely does one reduce, reuse, and recycle their own advertisements. Mars Inc., the parent company of M&M’s® and

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Duped by Snoop

After a slow buildup, Snoop Dogg sure pulled a fast one on us—even without the use of smoke or mirrors.   Earlier this month, the

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Hushing the Crunching

In the thick of an online multiplayer battle, apparently the only sound worse than “Game Over” is the chomping of chips. The triangular treat manufacturer,

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That Tweet Will Cost Ya

Evidently, the term “Penny for Your Thoughts” doesn’t sit quite right with Elon Musk.   X, formally known as Twitter, is introducing a new subscription

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This is an M&M-ergency

The only thing scarier than ghouls on Halloween are angry trick-or-treaters plotting revenge for when you inevitably come up empty when handing out candy. If

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Word Up to Merriam-Webster

The English language has never been healthier, and spelling bees have never been hipper— “Your word is ‘bussin’.” Last month, one of the best-selling books

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A Swift Marketing Play

It turns out all you need is a visit from pop star sensation Taylor Swift to boost marketing metrics beyond your wildest dreams (ah-ah, ha)!

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