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An Auto-Tuned Treat

There are iconic partnerships like Lennon and McCartney, Laurel and Hardy, and Ben and Jerry, but where they all lack, Wendy’s makes up for it

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JoBros Are Crushin’ It!

The age-old argument, “The Beatles or the Jonas Brothers?” now has a definitive answer—because, last we checked, McCartney and Ringo NEVER had anything to do

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Amazon Came to Play

Ever thought, “If only there was a way to buy a sweet Fortnite hoodie WITHOUT having to stop the game!” Yes, it seems online shopping

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Got Milk? Get Bent!

A new battle has broken out, and instead of war paint— those on the front lines are repping milk mustaches.   A campaign led by

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Spread The Love

There are definite deal-breakers when it comes to romantic relationships: lack of honesty, infidelity, and perhaps most importantly, what condiments you put on your sub

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Lofi Beats to the Streets

This week’s Marketing Minute is being written to “Lofi Beats To Write a Marketing Newsletter/Relax To”, so if it’s extra chill—you know why, broski. There’s

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