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How to Become a Gold Medal Storyteller

Are you still having Winter Olympics withdrawal — No?— Just us? Every two years, the whole world gathers together to root for their home team. What is the global draw to the Olympics? The sports and athletic prowess of those competing are big crowd draws, for sure, but most people would likely say they tune in because of the athletes’ stories.


PyeongChang 2018 FlagYou can’t help but be inspired by the stories of people like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, the “Shib Sibs” and more. Each athlete has overcome many obstacles to get to the Olympics, which means each has a journey so inspiring it touches those outside the sports world, too. These stories are what keep people engaged and cheering from their living rooms. For a couple of weeks every two years, everyone is a sports fan and a story fan.


Did you know that you can create this kind of magical connection with your customers, too? Storytelling is a universal option many marketers try to harness when dreaming up campaigns, but if you don’t approach storytelling correctly, it may end up backfiring on you. So where do you even begin?


Share your story

Who should tell their story?


Everyone has a story. Companies with generations of family owner/operators have a heritage storyline.

Entrepreneurs have inspiring “from nothing into something” stories. Nonprofits or companies focused on bettering the world we live in could tell numerous stories of lives they touch every day. No story is too small or insignificant. Your story is unique, which means you have a unique appeal to your consumer base.


Why should you tell your story?


Storytelling should never become a bragging session. Use your story to show your customers why you do what you do and are passionate about your business. Great storytelling creates an emotional connection with anyone it touches. Think back to the Olympics. Shaun White’s gold medal win this Winter Olympics was already an incredible show of athleticism. But, after suffering a horrific injury months before the Games and wondering if he would even be able to compete, the gold medal finish was made just that much sweeter, for Shaun and for everyone watching him as he was overcome with emotion at the finish.


Part of Apple’s untouchable success is their ability to make you loyal to them and their products. How do they do this? The story of Steve Jobs and his push for greatness. Their commercials and keynotes brimming with narratives of how this product was made for you. Who could say no to that?


How can you tell your story?


We live in a constantly connected world. Social media has ripped open a new channel of 24-hour, intimate access directly to your customers. Commercials and video content are now pretty much expected to tug at heart strings and wallets with cinematic looks and raw “real” narratives. What all that means to you: you have the freedom and ability to tell your story exactly how you want (and need!) to.


At Marbury Creative Group, we help clients tell their story in a variety of ways to capture prospective clients. Some clients find their story is best told through social media and short-lived content like Instagram Stories and Snapchat (more about short-lived content and other social media trends to try here). We help other clients create stunning commercials and print advertising that accurately convey their story to potential customers.


“It’s not what you say; it’s how you make people feel.” How you choose to tell your story makes all the difference. The first step is getting your story down…then determine how your story will impact your customers, finally, decide  how to tell your story and start feeling that Olympic adoration from your crowd!


Need help getting your story heard? We would love to help you. Contact us today at and let’s go for storytelling gold!



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