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Boosting Your Brand AND Your Posts On Social Media

Unless you’ve been living in total seclusion the past few months, you know that social media is no longer the bountiful marketing playground that it once was. Thanks to Facebook’s scandal, social media platforms have gotten incredibly protective and selective about what can be used and visible to users.

For those of you who rely heavily on social media to market your companies and brands, what do you do now? How can you combat these new rules and regulations on your favored social media platforms and still get the most bang for your marketing buck? George Carlton, our Social Media Specialist, has some ideas for you!

Build Trust with Your Followers

Thanks to hacking and information sharing that has plagued social media in the last few months, users are warier than ever of a company’s intentions on social media. Instead of viewing this as another hurdle, take this opportunity to root yourself as a trusted resource! Don’t plaster your feeds with sales posts and product pushes. Share about exciting advances happening in your industry, post inside peeks at what happens at your office, or make your brand’s voice heard in a podcast or blog post. Give your followers something to look forward to seeing when they’re on social media. Building that brand loyalty will ultimately bring in those conversions.

Promote Wisely

The process of promoting content on social media has become more strict while also becoming more streamlined. Audience targeting options may not be as diverse as they were a year ago, but the ability to promote across multiple platforms at once has gotten much more user-friendly. Don’t let your entire marketing budget revolve around boosting social media posts, though. The ideal goal is still to have higher shares and organic traffic. How do you get that? This goes back to our previous point: create content people want to see and share!

Promote content that has a broad reach potential. For example, stay on top of current trends on each platform. It’s a little late to jump into The Kiki Challenge now, but those who created their own videos for the challenge saw huge traffic. Spotting trends and fads like that and participating in them ONLY if they make sense for your company could have you seeing huge gains in your social media reach.

Put Yourself On the Other Side of the Screen

You may think you’re putting out the most amazing content ever posted to social media … and then the analytics reports show up, you get depressed, and begin to doubt your entire marketing plan. Before you scrap everything and drag your entire team back to the drawing board, take a moment and put yourself in the place of the person on the other side of the screen. Think about your company from your customer’s perspective: what do you want to see?

We have two clients who have recently taken this exercise and created some impactful content as a result. Vinegar Tips, a long-time client, posts videos regularly but we noticed that engagement on the videos was dipping. To combat this, we posted videos with a short blurb, giving each of the videos more of an interactive opportunity. We also reimagined the style of their videos and embraced more of an “Instagram feel” with bright and eye-catching thumbnails and more beautified filming techniques.

Another client that embraces a follower-centric content approach is Cheeseburger Bobby’s. They used to only post offers on Facebook, a tactic many companies use to push mass amounts of hits to their profiles. What Cheeseburger Bobby’s discovered, though, is that people only visited their profile to get deals, so there wasn’t a lot of brand loyalty. To fix this, the Marbury team looks at current social media trends/topics and picks ones that will seamlessly fit with Cheeseburger Bobby’s products. Throughout the month, the Marbury team keeps a lookout for brand-new trends that Cheeseburger Bobby’s can react to in a timely fashion. Mastering this tactic has madethe Cheeseburger Bobby’s brand feel more fun and “connectable.” (Yeah, we just made up a word.)

Are you ready to use social media to help the public understand your brand better instead of just trying to sell them something? If so, contact the Marbury team today at group@marburycreativegroup.com and let’s make social media fun again!

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