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Is Your Brand Saying What You Want It To?

Mercedes. Apple. Whole Foods. Target. When you see those brand names, an image or experience likely comes to mind almost instantly. These companies work relentless to discover their brand voice and keeping what they offer aligned with what their target customers are looking for. It’s a tricky dance all businesses must tango to, and it’s a creative process we love to slip on our dancing shoes for!


We work with many great companies who are doing incredible and creative things to best attract and serve their customers. Today, we wanted to highlight one of them: Georgia Gwinnett College. George Carlton, the manager for this project, talks through some highlights and what other organizations can learn from them!


It Pays to Listen


GGC is conveniently located in Gwinnett County and is a rapidly growing school that is attracting more and more students each year with robust programs, on-campus living, and sports teams students are proud to root for. Despite all these appealing “pros” on prospective students’ checklists, the college was coming up against an imaging issue that they were more of a community college and less of a prestigious four-year college.


Knowing something needed to be changed, GGC approached Marbury with the task of building brand awareness that GGC was an attractive college option for students who wanted to have the full college experience but not pay the hefty collegiate price tag.


Work Smarter, Not Harder


As Marbury began talking with students at GGC, they soon discovered that the school was exceeding their expectations. (Something every company wants to hear!) Prior to attending, students thought they would be getting the community college experience, but soon discovered their time at GGC felt more like they were attending a larger school like Kennesaw State or University of North Georgia.


Using “Exceed Your Expectations” as a mantra, videos were produced using real students and faculty on campus, highlighting everything the school has to offer. The videos “borrow equity” from similar or even more prestigious schools by showing spacious and inviting student housing, innovative campus buildings, a sizeable offering of academic programs, and a highly diverse student body, leaving the name of the college until the very end of the video. This strategy helps to shape a more fitting brand image for GGC which in turn will make it more attractive to high school guidance counselors and graduating high school students.


Be Willing to Change


Something Marbury applauds GGC for is their willingness to try something new. They understand that there is never a bad time to reimagine the way you communicate, especially if the brand image and message you thought you were portraying is falling short of the target.


Curious about how your company’s brand is doing? Ask your customers and stakeholders to describe you. You will very quickly learn whether or not your communication strategy needs a slight tune-up or a total overhaul. There are many ways you can creative activate your message in different mediums and markets! You just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and really get in touch with what your target market wants. GGC’s videos have now influenced their social media presence, their printed materials for prospective students, and many of their other marketing efforts. One change can set off a domino effect of positive rejuvenation for your brand’s image and voice; you just have to be brave enough to tip the first domino.


Are you ready to give your brand a pulse-check? Do you know you need to switch up your messaging but aren’t sure where to start? We would love to partner with you! Reach out to us to today at group@marburycreativegroup.com.



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