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Are you scared of the agency monster?

You certainly seem to understand our business and your approach and creativity is exactly what we are looking for.” I am smiling from ear to ear thinking “We got it, they like us, they really like us!” Then he says, “but do we have to sign a retainer agreement to work with you?” and I paused.

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When to say “I do.”

Recently, we’ve been meeting with business owners and marketing folks at companies that find themselves in exactly this transitional period — they’ve outgrown their internal capacity to deliver and are facing the reality of adding to the expense column by hiring outside professional services. So, just when is it the right time to hire an advertising agency for a growing business?

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Need an Advertising Agency…or a Marketing Firm?

Marketing firms deal in data, trends, and information. We’ve all heard of the Four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, and marketers look at ALL of that to determine how to increase revenue for the company. I like to think of Marketing as the BUSINESS of selling.

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