Nestle’s Artificial Bestie

The year is 2022. What began as Nestle’s attempt to help people with their cookie recipes has turned into a near extinction of the human race at the hands of a cold, heartless AI bot… that also happens to be good at baking. Okay let’s backtrack a bit. Earlier this month the food monolith Nestle […]

 Google’s New Competitor, Neeva

Remember Bing? You might need to Google it for a refresher. Yet another coup of the leading search engine is being attempted by two unsuspecting Google olympians and their new ad-free, subscription-based search engine, Neeva. The inventive pair, Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, constructed their former employer’s advertising sector and it’s ability to monetize YouTube. […]

 Facebook Flexes its Political Prowess

In a world where “world leader” means “billionaire”, Facebook just showed Australia its place in the power hierarchy – down under. The counter-clockwise-flushing commonwealth feigned an attack by threatening to make Facebook pay Aussie news publishers for content. Facebook quickly countered (they just don’t have that kind of money) by cancelling ALL news on Australia’s […]

The Creative Trends of 2021

Yellow and Gray are IN, y’all. Tie Dye is PROFESSIONAL. And people STILL want to escape their homes so badly that photos of nature have become a ‘trend’. Check out all the 2021 trends and our opinions on them in our latest edition of If Necessary, Use Words – 2021 Trends and False Originality. Just […]

Clubhouse Copycats

As the invite-only social audio app, Clubhouse, trends away from exclusivity and into ubiquity, the titans of social media are establishing their own ‘clubhouses’. Ones with bigger hot tubs and an easier password, because there isn’t one. Twitter’s “Twitter Spaces” is set to do what Instagram did to Snapchat not long ago, this time set […]

Liar Liar Followers For Hire

Fake followers are no longer a middle schooler’s attempt to one-up their friends on social media. In the world of wannabe influencers, they’re a cheap investment that promises fake stardom, and real profit. HBO’s new documentary, Fake Famous, confirms our simulated suspicions by turning a group of low-profile social media users into bill-fanning influencers. Here’s […]

 Ads Playing Defense During the Big Game

Though seats may remain more butt-less than ever this 55th annual Big Game, advertisers are finding tone to be yet another reason to withdraw their Big Game spots. Many are fearful that in such a schismatic time it’s not worth risking another Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad or a Gillette Me Too fiasco. Among the many […]