Marbury Creative Group
Orlando Marketing Minute

Creative Conclusions From Second Wind

Being a magical place of mini-golf, palm trees, and large friendly mice, it makes sense that Second Wind’s Small Agency Idea Lab would be held in the heart of Orlando. Three of Marbury’s finest attended the conference, along with many other independent agencies, to learn and discuss how they’ve been approaching our ever-changing marketing field. Now back in mild-temp Duluth, we thought we could share a few takeaways. For one, structure, structure, structure! Sometimes creative types tend to have looser processes in place, but with intentional focus and surrounding yourself with people who appreciate structure equally to the creative work, you will get where you want to go faster. Another theme was how companies seem to be looking less for “full service” agencies and more towards specialization, like SEO, digital ads, web design, social media, etc. Overall, it was nice to affirm that we are, and have been, working towards and doing the right things. While we provide whatever our clients need, our focus has been (and always will be) on doing it through the fusion of creativity and strategy.

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