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Candy Marketing Minute

Dentists Are Safe… For Now

Ah, Halloween, the season for ghosts, scary movies, and egging my dentist for giving out celery sticks… again. Halloween must be a dentist’s worst nightmare, or at least that’s what the folks at Airheads believe. This year they’ve distributed thousands of Airheads Candy Flavored Dental Floss to dentists across the nation; a product determined to make dentists’ houses a little more popular and a little less eggy. The concept aims to bridge the age-old holiday tension between candy cavities and dental duty, while ultimately making the Airheads brand stick out in the pillow cases of trick-or-treaters. The question still remains: Is the floss a treat? Or a trick to get us in the dental hot seat. Either way, I’m sure my gums will bleed.

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