Marbury Creative Group

Digital Asset Storage Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define our procedures for storing, archiving, and deleting large media assets on behalf of our clients. This includes photos and videos.

Marbury Creative Group owns the rights to footage produced by us or our compensated vendors unless otherwise agreed upon.

For 24 months after the project start date, Marbury Creative Group will store RAW and working files, and project files on local servers. Files will be backed up, as needed, on cloud-based servers. At the 24 month mark, these “raw” files will be deleted.

Marbury Creative Group will archive all final, edited files (.mov or .mp4) on local servers and/or cloud-based servers in perpetuity.

If the client wishes Marbury to store the “raw” files longer than 24 months, a monthly fee will be applied. Fee will be determined upon size of files and level of accessibility needed.

If the client wishes to keep copies of any files (raw or final) appropriate storage media must be provided by the client, and a fee for the time required for transfer will be billed to the client.

If the client wishes to keep copies of working files, a rights agreement will be necessary.  

Marbury Creative Group is not responsible for loss of files due to Acts of God.

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