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What the Facebook Scandal Means for You

Privacy SettingsIt’s nearly impossible to go online and not read “Mark Zuckerberg” and “Facebook” within a few seconds. You probably fall into one of two categories: you know exactly what’s going on and you’re two seconds away from deleting your Facebook profile in protest, or you just keep scrolling past all mentions of a Facebook scandal and are choosing to remain blissfully unaware.


All of us at Marbury want you, our audience, to never feel “in the dark” about things that rock the social media world. And what is going on with Facebook is indeed a world-rocker. Here are some easy-to-digest nuggets of information about what is going on with Facebook and what it means for you, as an individual and as a company.


What is going on?


It was recently discovered that UK-based political data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly gained access to 87 million Facebook users data. This intrusion was made possible by users taking a quiz called This is Your Digital Life, a popular quiz over a quarter of a million Facebook users took. How does that add up to 87 million people having their data breached? This quiz gave access to not only the taker’s personal information but also that of anyone who was on their friend list. If you’re curious to see if you are one of these 87 million users affected, click this link to check.


What does this mean to me?


So does this mean Facebook is done? Has the reigning digital king been dethroned? Hardly. If anything, this means that Facebook will start doubling down on its security and regulations for third-party apps. You will start to notice (or maybe already have noticed) that your news feed will feature fewer random ads and sponsored posts catered to you and your likes.


Overall, that means Facebook will look much more like it did years ago—with posts from your friends and family, your actual connections, populating more of your newsfeed. As an individual Facebook user, that’s a good thing. Facebook recognizes that it needs to win back your trust with changes that will likely result in a better online experience for you.


Of course, fewer advertisements means that, if you’re a company on Facebook, your impressions and impact will take a hit. With audience segmentation diminished, boosted posts will start to give you less ROI, and you may also notice tighter restrictions on what content can even be boosted. If you’ve been promoting your brand on Facebook, you already know that more and more, Facebook requires you boost posts and run ads to gain traction among your audiences. This is just more of that same experience.


Where do you go from here?


Facebook BusinessDon’t get discouraged about getting your brand out there on Facebook! It may seem like an uphill battle now, but promoting your company on Facebook should still be part of your marketing strategy. What will need to change is how you approach your posts. The content you put out into the Facebook world should be laser-focused on who you’re trying to reach. No more relying on broad boost audiences and cookie-cutter posts. Really think about who wants to hear from, and then create posts they’ll listen to.


While you’re getting creative, now may be the time to start thinking outside your Facebook-centric social marketing box. Other platforms like Pinterest and Spotify may be good teammates for Facebook, and could help you reach a whole new audience segment with minimal effort.


The team at Marbury lives and breathes staying up to date on all changes and industry shake-ups like this. We understand how this Facebook fiasco can seem incredibly daunting to you as a business owner who wants to see their brand do well and grow. If you need help amending your social media strategy, Marbury’s social media gurus are here for you! They can help you create engaging content that will perform better with the new changes and limitations being put into effect. Contact us today at and together, we will make your social presence impossible to ignore.


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