Ocean Marketing Minute

From Sea to Social

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to TikTok and he’ll launch an influencer campaign. Gorton’s Seafood, an unlikely catch for TikTok, recently launched a social-first approach for their new “Air Fried” line of products. The 170-year-old brand decided it was best to reel in a connection with Gen Z and Millennials by making use of influencers, like Chef Ced and Alyssa in the Kitchen, to post videos of recipes that feature the products. Sure, a TikTok campaign is nothing new, but what makes this one interesting is how much effort Gorton’s has put behind it in order to generate some buzz. They’ve garnered over 68K views since launch and 65K followers (now at more than 95K) on the platform. TikTok is certainly becoming popular, with 66% of brands increasing their spending on efforts related to content creators and influencer marketing. Brands that have success are those that have doubled down on authenticity and convenience—core values esteemed by most young people. But, that’s just some fishy-food for thought… You might even consider it a hook, line, and thinker!

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