MCG Bank of Joyce Campaign

GBC and The Bank of Joyce

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Georgia Banking Company approached us with creating a full brand awareness media campaign. So, how do you gain someone’s INTEREST in a bank?

With six produced commercials featuring an excitable, witty brand character named Joyce, of course! GBC’s mission to be “The Bank of Choice,” along with the approachability of their CEO and “face of the bank,” Bartow Morgan, was the perfect platform to have Joyce play off of as she runs into and interacts with Bartow all over the community, from a local brewery to the grocery store. After only a month and one live ad, we can confidently say our creative is resonating with returns like these.

Joyce with Bartow Morgan
Joyce and Bartow at the grocery store
Joyce with Muffins

Cashing In on Metrics

The campaign is off to an exciting start, as all six of our tactics for click-through rate (CTR) and video-view and completion rates (VVR and VCR) are all performing well above benchmarks. By leveraging advanced TV (streaming), social media, and YouTube, we were able to expose people all around GBC’s branches to Joyce and her admiration for the bank. Interestingly enough, on both audio and visual channels that are very susceptible to skips, we were able to get people to stick around and watch the whole spot with an average VCR of 78.69%. While display and search were used more as impression tactics, enough people were interested in the concept that landing page hits escalated as folks were interested in the rest of Joyce and Bartow’s antics with an average search CTR of 12.65%.



impressions in 1 month


average vcr


average search ctr


ads that are cash

That’s right, all this buzz was only from the intro, and we still have five more to go—talk about an investment!

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