Milk Marketing Minutes

Got Milk? Get Bent!

A new battle has broken out, and instead of war paint—

those on the front lines are repping milk mustaches.


A campaign led by MilkPEP—creators of the “Got Milk” phenomenon—enlisted the help of Aubrey Plaza to help them reclaim milk’s mojo with Gen Z (who buy 20% less milk than the national average) through a faux “Wood Milk” product poking fun at all the plant-based dairy alternatives we see in the supermarket.


Complete with a mock company, merch, and website, what seemed like a silly spoof spoiled quick. A slurry of social media backlash slammed the campaign for “cow milk propaganda,” promoting animal milk over plant-based alternatives. Thousands of users, and even PETA, made their voices heard, resulting in Big Milk taking a step back and disabling comments. If we can take anything from this, it’s that you should do a little market research before milking a campaign for all it’s worth.


But before you blame them, this could very well be because of their flak-tose intolerance.

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