LinkedIn Marketing Minute

Here’s The Job! Also, What’s Your Name Again?

The time has come to keep your enemies close and your friend’s, cousin’s, pilates trainer closer. Since 1973, a social science theory has suggested that you are more likely to land a job through “weak ties” than through someone you have mutual connections with. Until recently, this theory has lacked casual evidence, but the occupational gurus at LinkedIn have been tweaking the algorithm for its “People You May Know” feature, varying the level of close friends and weaker contacts it shows users. The results support the original theory, but the lack of informing users about the test, as well as the consequences it may have on potential job opportunities, has stirred up some debate over the societal impacts and transparency of A/B testing. LinkedIn claims they are simply developing a more useful algorithm for their users, but whether or not this is the case, there is no denying that social network strangers could really help with unemployment dangers.

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