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Cheese Marketing Minute

Hot New Singles in Your Area

When you’ve been single for so long, you might decide to shake things up with a fresh hairstyle, a new hobby, or—in the case of Kraft Heinz—a complete transformation of your cheesy self.


For the first time in five years, Kraft Singles has rebranded with a new sleek look and packaging to keep their delectable squares top of mind for consumers. A thicker, slightly textured wrapper aims to combat their top consumer complaint of individual slices being hard to open—thank goodness, it’s like sandwich surgery.


More notably, their non-perishable line of products saw double-digit growth during the pandemic, so this refresh is coming at a critical time to help maintain that momentum as inflation rises. In fact, Kraft Singles are just 1 of 18 other Kraft Heinz brands that have gone through design modifications, following the likes of Kraft Mac & Cheese.


With so many cheesy changes, it seems there really is something to say about looking sharp!

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