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How to Advertise on Facebook Like a Pro

Advertising has had many faces over the years. From hieroglyphics to sandwich boards to Super Bowl ads, the way we communicate has changed with the world around us. Most recently, the explosive popularity of social media has once again shifted the advertising world and created a new frontier of social media advertising.

People spend, on average, over half an hour a day just on Facebook — and we know that number is probably on the low end for many! That is a huge amount of captive time in the eyes of an advertiser, but it is also highly competitive time. There is a constantly updating stream of content awaiting Facebook users each time they jump onto their feed, so how do you get your content in front of the eyes you need to help your business grow? Facebook has some options for you: boosted Facebook posts and Facebook ads.

What’s the difference?

A boosted Facebook post is a post currently living on your page’s timeline to which you apply advertising dollars in order to broaden the post’s reach beyond your current Page followers. The general public will see a “sponsored” tag on the post, letting them know that it is something that you’re boosting for them to see, but other than that, it looks exactly like a regular Facebook post.

A Facebook ad is designed using Facebook Ads Manager and is a true advertisement. Ads Manager allows you to choose from many goals, group ads by creative content or audience group, modify delivery timelines, and assign diverse ad creative within one campaign. There are a variety of ad layouts you can choose from, from a single dynamic image to a carousel of images or even a video. Facebook ads are not posts that can be found on your Page timeline.

Which one is right for me?

FacebookLike traditional advertising, you should choose the ad format that best supports your marketing goals. If you’re new to advertising on Facebook and want more people to see your content and engage with your brand (through post reactions, comments, and shares), a boosted post is a safe bet. Boosted Facebook posts are very easy and quick to implement. Simply choose the post you want to share more broadly and push the “Boost Post” button. Choose a few details on budget, audience, and timeline, and your post is live and ready to reel in more eyes! If a certain topic seems to be trending within your audience, boosting a relevant post on your timeline is a smart move to expand brand integrity and awareness.

If you’re interested in going beyond simple post engagement and are ready to use Facebook to achieve other business goals, Facebook ads may be worth the added time investment. Facebook Ads Manager uses an intuitive interface to guide you in creating an ad campaign to make your business goals a reality. Using Facebook ads more detailed targeting options, you can create audience pools as broad or narrow as you need them and then save those custom audiences for future campaigns. You can also choose where your ad displays on Facebook and even choose to have your ad appear on Instagram! If you have specific goals like lead generation, product purchases, or email sign-ups, crafting a Facebook ad campaign is the better fit for you.

If you’d like some extra support in your Facebook advertising endeavor, the Marbury team would love to be your sidekicks! Our outstanding social media gurus love taking our clients’ marketing needs and turning them into achievable goals with fun and engaging campaigns and content. Contact us today at group@marburycreativegroup.com to get started!

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