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HTTPS isn’t just for security anymore

You’ve probably seen many websites display HTTPS instead of an HTTP in their domain address. Previously, we often saw it with the larger e-commerce sites accepting credit cards and it provided a sense of security. The “S” stands for…you guessed it…secure (HTTPS -Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). It means all communications between the website and your browser are encrypted. So it’s safer to transmit data!

It’s an easy process to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS. You simply need an SSL certificate. When installed and activated on your web server, the HTTPS protocol allows for secure connections. You need to ensure your web provider purchases the correct SSL certificate (since all are not created equal) but the point is, it’s an easy process that we can provide. It requires minimal cost and can have a large impact. Most of our clients have already converted to HTTPS simply to guarantee their customers feel that level of security, especially if their site transfers ANY information.

But there is another benefit … SEO!  Google wants websites to be secure mainly because users like sites more when they FEEL and SEE they are secure. In addition, it means that the site is transporting data safely, which is always a good thing. In August of 2014, Google announced they would be giving minor boosts to sites that switch over to HTTPS.  As a result, websites that implemented this change have seen positive results over the past 2 years in search engine rankings. And, we all want to stay in Google’s good graces. So, we recommend switching over to HTTPS if you haven’t already and get an SEO boost, too. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

If you would like to learn more about making the switch to HTTPS, contact I promise, it’s much easier that you think!


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