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Is “Brandfluence™” Right for You?

Are you experiencing low sales volume? Does “the other guy” seem to consistently outperform you? Do people forget your name the moment you leave the meeting? You need brand enhancement, and BrandFluence™ could help.

We’re talking about enhancing your brand…what did you THINK we were talking about?

Hey, it’s important to understand that brands EVOLVE. Giving your brand an enhancement does not mean you’re failing; in fact, it means the opposite — you are succeeding! You’ve been around long enough that the brand position you’ve held over the past several years needs to shift so that you can continue to perform in the boardroom and the community the way you always have.

Taking the brave step of updating or overhauling the image and voice you put out into your audience’s world is a sign that you are committed to being the best you can be, for your clients and for yourself.

Marbury recently worked with a client who had already made a name for themselves in the OB/GYN world; but needed to push harder to promote their position as more competition entered the market. Our BrandFluence™ process (yes, that’s really the name) helped us define the target audience, elevate the parts of their brand that aligned with that audience, and then “live the brand” though messaging and media.

Defining the Target Audience

Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics was one of the first practices in the Atlanta area to integrate midwifery into their model of care, which focuses on natural, yet safe deliveries. Their target market in and around Decatur and Gwinnett county is the woman who wants to participate in their care, and consider more natural and less clinical options. They would like to have a say, rather than “just doing whatever the doctor says, no questions asked.” We developed 5 persona’s to concentrate on, and then asked ourselves what THEY look for from their women’s health provider.

Elevating Facts for the Brand

We then took the entire team through our Brandfluence Session and collected facts about the practice — compelling ideas that aligned with our target market; and we developed five unique selling propositions (USPs) that we could build the brand position around. These are the “Deliverable Claims of Distinction” that competitors could not (or simply did not) claim.

As the marketing messages and collateral were developed, we studied the customer journey and created a Customer Journey Map to consider where our target market spends their time, and where they might be receptive to a message about women’s health and maternity services. We found some unique opportunities in local bookstores, yoga studios, and festivals, as well as in more traditional methods like billboards and digital ads. We also realized there were operational enhancements within the practice that could be made to reinforce the messaging we were preparing to broadcast. The Marbury team worked with AGO’s management to make these improvements and align every member of the AGO team to this updated marketing plan.

Building Ambassadors

The last piece of the branding overhaul process is to train the AGO staff on the newly developed brand message. This process is key to ensuring the success of a marketing campaign — because an organization’s employees are the true voice the customer will hear. Marbury is in the process of turning every employee into a true brand ambassador.

With their marketing campaign performing well and drawing in new patients every day through print and digital marketing, AGO’s next step in this process is to launch a new website to better serve their current patients and encourage potential patients to consider them in their healthcare journey.

So, we ask you — is Brandfluence right for you? It CAN help you determine if it’s time to consider making a change or a simple enhancement to your brand. We’ll find exactly what sets you apart from the pack and then highlight those findings in your marketing messaging. If you’re ready to get back to “full performance,” contact us today at

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