Mess Marketing Minute

It’s High Tide We Make A Mess

We all find ourselves in messy situations. Like the discovery of melted-cushion M&Ms or forgetting to roll up the windows at the carwash. (Really, no one?)

Now, the laundry lovers over at Tide are beginning to frame these messy moments as a treasure trove for likes and viral potential. The “Gonna Need More Tide” campaign inserts comedian, Kumil Nanjiani, in some of the most virally sloppy social posts that would have benefited from, well, more laundry detergent. The campaign aims to encourage Tide shoppers to post and share those moments that call for significant clean up, which (as of late) seem to derive from foolhardy attempts to go viral.

So, is this all a clever way to follow TikTok’s lead and, ahem, turn the tide of cultural trends? Or could this all be some kinda dirty joke?

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