Lofi Marketing Minute

Lofi Beats to the Streets

This week’s Marketing Minute is being written to “Lofi Beats To Write a Marketing Newsletter/Relax To”, so if it’s extra chill—you know why, broski.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of YouTube’s “Lofi Girl”, the channel that live streams instrumental music primed for sleeping, studying, and, of course, vibing. Its signature animation of a girl chilling in headphones has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, so it was only a matter of time before a brand created a rad targeted ad to play before each video.

Leave it to Nissan to create a 4 hour—yes, a 4 hour ad with a look and sound so similar to Lofi Girl that it has viewers grooving before they can even tell it’s a marketing ploy. By reeling in Lofi Girl’s loyal audience with relevant content, Nissan was able to gain more than 12 million views in just two months. A few people have even said they prefer the Nissan ad over the original.

And I think we get why—no need to worry about a commercial break in an actual commercial!

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