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We Love You! (No, Really)

Committing to working with anyone outside of your organization can be a scary step in the growth of your business. No one knows your “baby” better than you, right? At Marbury, we completely empathize. When clients bring us alongside to help strategize and support broadcasting their brand to the masses, we imagine it can feel a lot like dropping your child off at school for the first time.


We don’t want our clients feeling like they aren’t getting a good return on their investment in us. In everything we do, we push ourselves toward the goal of making sure our clients are happy with where their brand is going and happy with us as we lead everything forward. From this mindset came Idea Lab. Our Account Team is a big fan of Idea Lab and shared about what it is and why it matters to clients.


Idea and Imagination

What is Idea Lab?


Idea Lab is a weekly gathering of all the creative minds at Marbury. Every team and every department piles into the same room and just talks about a client or idea. Sometimes specific clients are presented for group discussion brainstorm, and sometimes exciting new topics are brought to the table, like Snapchat filters or improving video production for clients. Ideas are encouraged and cultivated during this weekly get together, just like scientists tinkering in a lab to perfect their latest creation! The best part is, some of our ideas don’t even cost the client money, they are just thoughts to help their business!


What has the Idea Lab produced?


One example of a successful Idea Lab is a campaign idea we completed for our client Georgia Gwinnett College. We knew they needed to target high schoolers for enrollment and we wanted to come up with something that stood out and got attention from the target audience. So during an Idea Lab, a Snapchat campaign was born, and GGC ran with it!


Another example of an Idea Lab impact was the idea to create a children’s book for one of our family law clients. As a team, we brainstormed on ways Atlanta Divorce Law Group could help parents explain the difficult situation of divorce to their children.


How does Idea Lab benefit clients?


When you’re in a relationship, in order to keep that relationship healthy, you have to commit time and consider the other person. Now, we are NOT saying we date our clients, but we do have to maintain our trust with them, so Idea Lab is our way of spending time thinking about our business relationship with each of our clients. We want our clients to feel like they’re getting the best ROI possible from their relationship with Marbury.


Idea Lab isn’t something a client pays us to do. We invest our own time in putting heads together and growing as a team. Idea Lab helps us serve our clients better, because it gives us a chance to express proactive thoughts and develop into more of a strategic partner. This dedication of team time is a value-add for all of our clients, as they receive insight and strategy they haven’t had to pay a dime for!


Valentine’s Day is here, and while we are certainly not asking you to be our Valentine, we would love the chance to show you the love we have for what we do and the dedication and care we give to each of our clients. If you’re ready to reap the rewards of Idea Lab, contact us today at and we’ll see what kind of marketing magic we can craft for you!


Breaking News

Marbury Creative Group is joining forces with Luckie & Company, one of the top privately held marketing firms in the Southeast. Clients will continue to work with the team you’ve grown to know and love, but now we have access to specialized services for your benefit.

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