Marbury Wrapped 2022

What didn’t we do in ‘22?

As we close the curtain on the year, we felt it right to take one final bow at all we’ve accomplished in the last 12 months. Last year was certainly something to write home about (or at the very least write here about), considering our growth as an agency, the projects we completed, and the miles we traveled to do so!

So, here are some of our note-worthy Marbury metrics from yet another fantastic year of telling it better:

Projects Completed
600 Projects Completed 1
Meetings Held
9360 Meetings Held
Candy Eaten
8320 Pieces of Candy Eaten
New Employees
5 New Employees
Drinking Lamp
50 Lightings of the Drinking Lamp
Fun Facts
54 Fun Facts
Sky Miles
7906 Sky Miles Traveled
300 Fuzzies
Barry Encounters
12 Barry
45% Client Increase
45 Increase
Videos Produced
600 Videos
Social Media Posts
Social Media

We’re ready to raise those numbers in 2023 and challenge ourselves with new and exciting opportunities!

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