M&M's Marketing Minute

M&M’s Missing Mascots

The iconic colorful mascots with a thin candy shell are officially eaten up. After stirring up controversy and peer pressure from political commentators, Mars Wrigley has indefinitely paused the use of their zany spokescandies, replacing them with their new “Chief of Fun,” Maya Rudolph. In a major marketing shift last year, Mars refreshed the look of their mascots, guided by themes of inclusion, diversity, and social justice. News coverage of the subtle changes, like swapping the green M&M’s high-heeled boots for sneakers, quickly became a cornucopia of material for memes and satire, which ultimately left Mars with the choice to, well, pull that sweet tooth. While people may not be upset with the actual message, this rebranding goes to show how consumers respond more positively when you incorporate the message into how you operate as a brand rather than just a campaign stunt. Rudolph’s first appearance with the brand is slated for the Big Game, but we can’t help but wonder if this is a witty play for a little Super Bowl buzz, à la the death of Mr. Peanut. But between you and us, we’d rather not go through anymore emotional snack traum

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