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Natural Search: Work Smarter, not Harder

You can grow your business the hard way: hiring teams of sales reps to cold call, send e-mail blasts, and knock on doors. Or you can grow your business the easy way and let the Internet do most of the work for you.


Industrial cabling and structure firm, Tendon LLC started working smarter and it paid off big—at least $1,000,000 in new business (from just one lead) their first year…and more to come! Even if your industry isn’t sexy, natural search can mean big business and huge sales that you don’t want to miss out on.


What is a natural search campaign?
Natural Search is all the day to day exploring people do on the Internet to solve a problem or learn something new. So, in simple terms, a natural search campaign helps more people find you on page one or two of a Google search. That’s only about 15 – 17 spots for your business to be found.


Setting a good strategy for a natural search campaign can be tough. Potential customers are Internet savvy and advertising-wary (only 6% of all Google searchers click on the paid ads) and Google makes regular and unannounced updates to its SEO algorithm. A successful natural search campaign takes continued effort, expertise, and attention.


Paid vs Natural Search which is better?
The Internet has brought about the age of immediacy, and that can be a double-edged sword. An “I want it now” mentality drives both consumers and advertisers. Hungry for fast online ROI, many business owners jump into an online strategy with paid ads and other quick fixes rather than a thoughtful, long-term digital strategy.


Pay-Per-Click ads can boost the success of a larger digital campaign. But, relying on paid ads alone is a dangerous strategy. What happens when new competitors enter the space and bid up your golden keywords? What happens when your competitor not only has a paid ad running but is being found on page one of natural search for the same keyword? They now have two chances of someone seeing their unique value proposition. A better strategy is to organically develop a steady flow of visitors and customers through your own brand and web platform.


Natural search campaigns with a long -term strategy can help insulate your business and help protect against new or current competitors trying to get their share of the market. Even strong digital competitors could work for 6 to 8 months before their website will begin to appear next to yours—and even longer for more competitive keywords. It’s likely that most of your competitors haven’t committed enough resources, hired enough experience, or had enough patience to run competitive natural search campaigns.


So, be smarter than your competition and smarter about growing your business—commit to a strong natural search strategy. It might be get you more business than you think!


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