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Need an Advertising Agency…or a Marketing Firm?

Sometimes people ask if we can help them “market their company.” The answer is always, “YES,” but then we need to know if they have the “business” part figured out yet, and are they ready for promoting it?

Marketing firms help companies sell goods and services. They’re in the business of working through the details and different aspects of the product. Marketing firms deal in data, trends, and information. We’ve all heard of the Four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, and marketers look at ALL of that to determine how to increase revenue for the company. I like to think of Marketing as the BUSINESS of selling.

Advertising is the ART of selling. Advertising is dependent on marketing — knowing the Product, it’s Price and the Place we are selling it; but advertisers are UNIQUELY qualified to craft the “final P” — PROMOTION.  As advertisers, our job is to GET ATTENTION in a very crowded and loud market:“Hey, look at me!!”  Then we must quickly prove the RELEVANCE to the very busy customer: “You need me…you know you do, and the reason is plain to see.” Next, we have to COMPELL TO ACTION: “You should check this out now before you forget and miss out.”  Finally, we HAVE TO STICK IN THEIR MIND:  You’re never going to forget me, girl.”  It’s a journey that takes place in seconds, and it’s an emotional one. People BUY on emotion, and then justify the decision they made on logic. Emotion involves language and visual stimulation — it’s an art.

At Marbury Creative Group, we understand Marketing, and appreciate it greatly. It’s critical that we know the business that our clients are in, and have a clear vision of their target market. We can write a marketing plan…but there are so many people who do it quicker (and better) than we do. As an advertising agency — a true creative group — we choose to stay in our lane and do what most “marketers” can’t do. We develop concepts and campaigns that gain entrance to the consumer’s mind, because we have made an emotional impression on them.  Maybe we’ve entertained them. Maybe we’ve shocked or surprised them. Maybe we’ve made them see their potential more clearly. Those are all emotions, and remember…people buy on emotion, and justify their purchase on logic. Once we connect, and that buyer makes a decision to purchase, THEN it’s up to the other three Ps to help them justify their decision.  Is the product really going to do what I now feel like it’s going to do for me? Can I get it where and when I want it? Is it worth that price?

Our most successful projects result from client marketing departments that have “teed up” the research and deep knowledge of the product and their consumer. We love working from marketing plans. It’s great when clients come to us saying, “Here’s what we want people to know…we just need help saying it so they’ll listen.” We are blown away by how perfect or beneficial their product or service sounds, and then they are blown away by the way we can get consumers to notice. Synergy is a beautiful thing.

Are you looking for more revenue for your company? If you have a great Product, Price and Place to sell your product, we’ll make sure your prospective customers are going to KNOW IT through Promotion. If your 4 Ps need a little work, we work seamlessly with our marketing firm partners to build and execute the entire marketing plan.  If you already have a relationship with a marketing firm, ask yourself if they are doing the best in terms of the ART of selling your product. It may be that you need to bring in an agency like ours to help you “Tell it Better!”®


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