John Clavijo

VP of Production & Technology

Bicycle sketch

my favorite hobby is Cycling

Beach sketch

Favorite Vacation Spot: Bora Bora (well, I hope for it to be)

Examining money sketch

I’m on the FBI’s list of possible counterfeiters

Cuba Flag sketch

My favorite food of late is cuban food


Art Institute of Atlanta
Major: Communications




Crew Member on the Starship Enterprise

John is the problem solver of the group, both visually and technologically. He started his career at Genigraphics, with a little joint venture project… called PowerPoint. He then spent over two decades in agencies and marketing strategy, where he developed a love for the details of design, something he still has today. And to top it all off, he worked at WebMD, so he’s also our in-house physician!

As production and studio director, John oversees the day-to-day tasks and operations of the studio as well as leads production processes. He makes sure everything is set up correctly for the creative team and ensures that when production files are sent out… they don’t come back!

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