Michael Ferraro

Project Manager


I worked at Blockbuster Video for 5 years (and even rented DVDs to Casey Anthony)


Owner of 2 Goldendoodles

Three Kidneys

Born with 3 kidneys

Movie Theater

Was a film critic for over 5 years and saw an average of 300 theatrical releases a year


Florida State University – Masters of Science in English Education

University of Central Florida – Major: Interdisciplinary Studies 

Minors: Cinema Studies and English Writing


Black Coffee or an IPA



Michael is known as the train conductor of the agency, helping make sure all projects stay on track for clients. He began his career in the marketing field many moons ago, writing direct email campaigns and coordinating productions. Some years later, he found himself working as an entertainment journalist for various publications before landing a role as a creative writing instructor (where he was really able to train his eye for the proofreading world). He’s also worked as a selection committee member for a few national film festivals, helping them program the best possible showcase of films they could find. He earned his BA at the University of Central Florida in Liberal Studies and a Master of Science Degree from the Florida State University in English Education.

As Project Manager, Michael assists the team with day-to-day operations, from proofreading to creating and managing timelines for the account team. He helps ensure our creative endeavors are on time and on track. 

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