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Green Beer Marketing Minute

PTO Is Whiskey Business

The only day where it’s acceptable to get buzzed on green beverages falls on a Friday. The only problem is, *looks at the calendar* we have to work… The good news is our lucky charm, Jameson Irish Whiskey, came up with a solution for this St. Paddy’s Day predicament. To combat the guilt of taking well-deserved time off, the liquor connoisseurs invented “Jameson Desk Decoys” (custom cardboard cut-outs) to substitute for employees that would rather throw a few back than send a few emails. Ever since the release, these sober stand-ins have been sold out. The success of this campaign can be traced to how effectively Jameson has tapped into people’s feelings towards taking a day off work— where sometimes it’s easier said than done. This trend of using a humorous tone and an on-the-nose approach is something we’ve seen brands try recently with good results, especially in this witty workaround from, well, working! And, while it’s nothing incredibly ingenious, we can’t help but think it’s at least worth a shot!

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