Retiring With The DEW

It’s spring break, so let’s bust out the swimsuits, the seltzers, and… shuffleboard? Mtn Dew’s brand of hard seltzers is celebrating their one-year anniversary with a citrusy new flavor and a chance to party with the older crowd. The “Definitely Over 21 Launch Party” invites customers to enter for a chance to win a trip to Florida and an invitation to shake it till the sun comes up with some of the Sunshine State’s hippest retirees. This sweepstakes capitalizes on the post-COVID travel rebound AND has fun addressing the confusion of customers not knowing if the seltzers contain alcohol, or not. Mtn Dew’s answer is to launch the orange-flavored seltzer at a place where they can ensure everyone is over the legal drinking age— a retirement community. The stunt seems pretty on brand considering Florida’s ties to oranges, spring break, and senior citizens…

But, we just hope the party doesn’t end around 4:30 pm.

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