Risk It for the Triscuit

The cracker snack that bears an uncanny resemblance to wicker furniture could have even more in common with famous chef and critic Gordon Ramsay. Mondelez International has recently teased and tested their new “Unapologetically Wholesome” campaign that aims to embrace the less polished qualities people tend to have. The effort compares the rabble-rousing personality of Ramsay to the crunchy exterior of Triscuits, with the key similarity being how they both are “wholesome” at their cores. Coming at a time when people are looking to start the year fresh, coupled with Ramsay’s newfound social media fame (with over 35 million followers on TikTok alone), the concept has already seen success before its fully integrated launch later this month. It goes to show how effective influencer marketing still proves itself to be, even if it’s coming from a man who would put your head between slices of bread to prove a point.

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