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Self-Care on Social Media

Social media can get exhausting and downright stressful.

So, here are a few nifty tips you should utilize this National Internet Self-Care Day (August 21st):

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Social is a
Highlight Reel
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You are
in Control
Schedule Notifications
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Take a
Step Back
  1. Remember: social media is a highlight reel. There’s a lot of mess and chaos happening outside of the frame that you don’t generally see shared on social media. Don’t let comparison steal your joy! 

  2. You control your experience on social media! Only follow friends and pages that make you happy. If you find yourself getting frustrated by someone’s posts or a brand you are no longer interested in keeps serving you an ad, take it as a sign it’s time to move on. You can unfollow people and still remain friends without seeing their content in your feed – a great tool during the political season! Or let the social network know you aren’t interested in seeing ads by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the ad. 

  3. Take advantage of the “scheduled summary” of notifications on your phone. If you follow a lot of brands on social media or get notifications when friends and family like or share content, it can lead to tons of notification bells ringing all day long. The scheduled summary delivers non-time-sensitive alerts at a scheduled time of your choosing, so you can still stay up-to-date without having to look at your phone several times an hour.

  4. Step away from the phone! It’s easy to fall into a social media rabbit hole. If you find yourself scrolling for hours at a time, set a time limit for yourself each day. Start with once in the morning and once at night and see how you feel. If social media is making you less than excited about logging in the next time, make a change! You control the content you view and when.
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