This is a core value of Marbury Creative Group. In fact, it’s our last, and potentially most important one. By seeking to understand our clients, our vendors and our co-workers at a deeper level, we can find the best way to ENJOY what we are doing, and enjoy the relationships. We do a lot of training and discernment around our personalities, the things that we are naturally gifted in, and the areas we need help — and then we build our team and even our clients around that. In August we held our 4th Agency Retreat, where we learned more about each other, our service areas (studio, accounts, digital media and operations) and our clients. We got high marks from all employees on time well spent over 3 days (and, we kept the work flowing as well!). If you want to get to know us well, check out “Our Team” on the website, and don’t hesitate to ask who we are and what we do best.

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