Mayo Marketing Minute

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There are definite deal-breakers when it comes to romantic relationships: lack of honesty, infidelity, and perhaps most importantly, what condiments you put on your sub sandwich.


At least that’s what Kraft Real Mayo would have you believe, as they’ve conducted a study to see if profiles featuring mayo boost appeal on the dating app scene. To do this, they created two similar accounts to see which performed better: one of the “classic Casanova” and the other “mayonized” with Kraft Mayo photoshopped into the photos.


The mayo matchmakers actually found a 74% increase in matches and a 16% increase in first messages received when compared to the dry, sauceless profile. They even opened up their DM’s offering to give the mayo treatment to their followers’ dating profiles—a sly way to spread user-generated content to dating platforms.


At any rate, we’re all for finding true love— just practice safe lunch dating and please use a condiment.

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