Starbucks Marketing Minute

Starbucks For SkyMiles

One first-class ticket, please. Oh, it doesn’t matter where; I just need 10 more points for a Dirty Chai. The dynamic duo, Starbucks and Delta Airlines, have joined forces to offer SkyMiles and Starbucks Stars when you link your respective accounts. This partnership aims to increase the value for the coffee chain’s customers by offering them more ways to earn stars (a la a flight to Albuquerque) through another one of the country’s most celebrated rewards programs. Starbucks hopes that the link-up with Delta will help retain and attract new customers to their loyalty program and keep them competitive with other rival chains. As of now, Starbucks shows no sign of slowing down, with 27 million returning rewards members amid price increases for their products. But, could this spell the end for mediocre airline coffee? Sadly, we don’t think so.

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