Gaming Marketing Minute

That Virtual Billboard is Making Me Hungry

In-game advertisements could just have your spending up while you level up. The gaming world may seem like advertising no-man’s land, but the marketing team at Hershey’s has found their “in” through intrinsic advertisements. These ads are naturally integrated into games so that they don’t disrupt the gameplay of skeptic virtual athletes. It was done not by pop-ups but rather candy bar billboards outside the arenas of racing and sports games. In just six weeks, Hershey’s got nearly 21.9 million impressions and increased mobile ad recall by 15.9 points (twice the industry average). This new frontier could prove itself to be extremely effective at connecting with consumers, just as long as the ads are aligned with the gaming content. That being said, I’m not sure how well a Parakeet advertisement would perform in Angry Birds.

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