Fireworks Marketing Minute

That’s So Last Year

As we begin a new year, we can’t help but speculate on what the new hot marketing trends of 2023 could be: AI-generated content, more brand authenticity, or perhaps this is finally the year of the blockchain! (Narrator: It won’t be.) Okay, so maybe we can’t see into the future, but we can pick up on cues from 2022 to see what’s in and, more importantly, what’s out. For one, “new” revolutionary advertising spaces like pandemic-popularized audio chat rooms and the Metaverse are experiencing fewer marketing investments as they have proven to be expensive and difficult to navigate. Long-form social media videos may also see some slowdown as bite-sized, attention grabbing content continues to be the name of the game. For 2023, we believe effective marketing will all boil down to one thing: the customer experience. While cutting-edge technology and sexy business models may seem like obvious trends for the coming year, none of them will work without understanding your customers’ needs and enhancing their experiences. Just take it from the EU, which spent €387k on a Metaverse rave that only six people attended.

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