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The Lodge at Gulf State Park is a beautiful place — with a huge focus on sustainability. So, it seemed only natural to create a series of animated ads around the promise that “Connection Comes Naturally” for their first digital campaign. We booked into connections made among families, friends, and co-workers to build out memorable ads that captured attention through the wave-like movement. (It’s also the reason why you may crave a piña colada if you look at them long enough.)

Lodge ad 2
The Lodge ad 1
Lodge ad 3

Making the Connection With Metrics

In just 4 months, there have been over 22 million impressions and almost 12,000 conversions. These numbers may be better described as an elevator, because *ding* they’re going up. The campaign is still running as many people continue to click “book now” or make reservations at one of the Lodge’s many restaurants. We’re not sure what excites us more: these results or room service!


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million impressions




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