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A Valentine’s Day Appreciation

It’s Valentine’s Day, and everyone’s sending out messages to people they truly hold dear. Our client base is the most important thing to us – so we figured we’d share what we like most about a few of our current clients….


Allinial Global

We LIKE that Allinial connects independent accounting firms across the globe.
We LOVE that Jack and Rosa are so connected and organized about every project.


AT&T IoT Device Network

We LIKE the amazing technology AT&T provides for the Internet of Things.
We LOVE the Conference Calls of Things with Steve and Brad.


Au Dela

We LIKE working with such an energetic and stylish brand of hair extensions.
We LOVE Jennifer’s extensive vision and spirit in bringing the brand to life.


Bennett Thrasher

We LIKE their groundbreaking approach to collaborating with tax and audit clients.
We LOVE the creative thinking of Erinn and Allie in a field of tax and audit.



We LIKE their BE BOLD approach to business banking.
We LOVE the quietly quirky quality way that Margaret and Tricia handle the marketing.


Clear Concepts

We LIKE the clear approach they bring to health benefits for schools.
We LOVE that we can always have a clear conversation with Eric – because he’s our neighbor!


DeKalb Medical

We LIKE the way they are “With their patients all the way.”
We LOVE that Cheryl and Kelly are as passionate about marketing as they are about their patients.


Georgia Gwinnett College

We LIKE that they are changing the game in the traditional secondary education model.
We LOVE the teamwork between Demetrios, Sloan, Kristi, Mendi, and Mark and our group.



We LIKE their commitment of using Chemistry to turn limits into breakthroughs.
We LOVE the chemistry that we have with Sidd & David, and they way they challenge us to break limits.


Halyard Health

We LIKE that they Care Forward in all medical devices that they make.
We LOVE the way Pam, Chris and the team move marketing forward to build revenue.



We LIKE all the different flavors they bring to life as the world’s largest manufacturer of vinegar.
We LOVE Dave’s friendly and thoughtful strategy sessions.


North Fulton Hospital

We LIKE that they specialize in you.
We LOVE the way Lindsey continues to move the hospital forward as she moves forward.


Red Hare Brewing

We LIKE that they are one of the top ten breweries in the US.
We LOVE the way Chris, Bobby and Roger are open to whatever creative ideas we brew up.


Riptide Restoration

We LIKE the way they turn the tide on disasters.
We LOVE the way Greg and Charlie are passionate about serving people in time of need.


Square 1 Art

We LIKE that  Square 1 Art always starts with the art.
We LOVE how Jane and Becky build up and affirm the ARTIST in every child.


Swift Currie

We LIKE the way they are on the brink of innovation in legal services.
We LOVE the way Ashley & Michelle can make legal marketing fun!


Treetop Quest

We LIKE the way they are bringing outdoor family fun to new heights.
We LOVE that Sara & Jackie are always down-to-earth – even when swinging from the trees!


THC, Inc.

We LIKE that they make difficult situations easier for clients and their community.
We LOVE that Michael, Joe, Steve and Kelly are so genuine in the way they get things done.

Breaking News

Marbury Creative Group is joining forces with Luckie & Company, one of the top privately held marketing firms in the Southeast. Clients will continue to work with the team you’ve grown to know and love, but now we have access to specialized services for your benefit.

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