Marbury core values, have faith, be creative in all things, be thankful at all times, love and laugh often, and study and enjoy relationships

We aren’t just creative, we have values too!

A clear vision and strong values are the heart and soul of any company. As a creative studio, our outlook is a little different than the average joe, so we wanted our values to reflect that. As we are closing out summer and gearing up for the fall season, we figured it was a good time to reflect on what the five Marbury Creative Group values mean to us.

Have faith

Steve Hearn, Account Director: Having faith is an integral part of the company and also for each of us as individuals. Of course, the Christian values that serve as the foundation of our company permeate every aspect of how we treat clients and how we treat each other. But having faith also means having faith IN one another and IN the creative process. Knowing we can count on each other to contribute to the process and bring the most creative solution to our clients is paramount to our success.

Dave Dodson, Digital Production Director: I’ve never been one to make long-term plans or map out my life. Like most, there have been highs and lows, long stretches of sameness and periods of rapid change. As much as I can, I’ve tried to build my life on a foundation of faith. I don’t pray for things or for situations. I just trust Him. Sometimes you just have to “have faith.”

George Carlton, Account Manager: Faith isn’t trusting blindly but choosing to trust. Our clients’ trust is our most valuable asset and it’s rooted in trust in ourselves. Circumstances may change but our ability to create together and bring value to those we serve is a constant that we can trust.

Carol Armitage, Senior Art Director: Hebrews 11:1 says “now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” For me, this value is about having faith in God, and by doing so, everything in life (professional or personal) will fall into place.

Be creative in all things

Rob Marbury, President & Creative Director:  I am convinced that all humans possess a dose of creativity — but no doubt some of us have more than others! As a creative agency, we are all called to look at ALL things a little differently to find a fresh solution; a better way to tell a story, or reach a strategic goal, or make our clients’ story or brand more interesting.

Carol Armitage, Senior Art Director: Being creative in all things can mean different things to different people, and perhaps this just comes naturally to me since my job is defined by being creative. Whether it be brainstorming for a new ad or logo concept, seeking new ways to create visual assets or simply taking an unusual or unexpected approach to solving the simplest problem. That’s what this Marbury value means to me: Living creativity!

George Carlton, Account Manager: This is a good reminder to question the status quo. In all that we do, we should look toward the outcomes we want to achieve and consider all possibilities in arriving there. This also means encouraging each other to take chances—and celebrating the process. Is there a better way to do this? Can we be more creative in this?

Dave Dodson, Digital Production Director: Inspiration can come out of nowhere, but mostly it comes from hard work and persistence. We are all creative in some way. Don’t confuse creative talent with artistic talent. Creatives solve problems in new and exciting ways. Being creative is being curious and receptive to new experiences. Challenge assumptions. Be disruptive (in a good way). See both the forest AND the trees. There is more than one right answer…the creative answer is the one you don’t expect.

Be thankful at all times

Shelly Hoffman, Partner & Executive VP: It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to simply say “thank you.” We all do it, which is one reason we felt this value was so important. The first year we were in business, we started our annual Thanksgiving Cards. We were SO THANKFUL for our clients and partners, and it is certainly something we never wanted to take for granted. We were living this value before we even knew it! Even under the worst of circumstances, being thankful at all times reminds us to appreciate all we have.

John Clavijo, Studio & Production Director: It’s tough to always be thankful. Sometimes you have a bad day and don’t remember to be thankful that you have the day in the first place. We try to be thankful at all times. This value is something to always strive for. I’m thankful to have coworkers that I really get along with and clients who appreciate our work. Even if I have a long day, I always try be thankful for that because I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s something not everyone has.

Vann Mathis, VP of Operations: As I reflect on this value, it is a powerful reminder to me to give thanks to our Lord and Savior for blessing me with family, friends, and opportunities, both personally and professionally.  All the wonderful things I have ever had (and will have in the future) are a blessing from God, and I realize I have not achieved any of these things on my own.

Love and laugh often

Heather Taylor, Account Director: We love our clients and always have their best interests at heart, and we love each other like family. Working with so many creative personalities, you can imagine how humor is always in the air, so laughter is always something you’ll hear at the agency.

Vann Mathis, VP of Operations: Here at Marbury, we laugh a lot! This is affirmation that we truly are a family, and it is easy to love and laugh with each other because we enjoy each other’s company. We draw strength from that love and laughter every day!  When we are here at the agency, enjoying ourselves while doing what we are truly passionate about it, is truly a wonderful place to be!

Shelly Hoffman, Partner & Executive VP: Loving what you do and laughing along the way, can get you through almost anything! We are a bunch of creatives after all, so we are constantly laughing at situations, each other, and life in general. We feel it is important to be able to joke and have fun, and most importantly love each other at the end of day.

Study and enjoy the relationship

Steve Hearn, Account Director: It’s imperative to stay on top of what’s happening in your client’s industry AND in the ever changing world of marketing and media. This is the only way to continue to provide value and serve your client’s best interest. Some days the hours are long, the deadlines are tight, and the stress is intense. So, enjoying the people we work with — both internally and as clients, makes all the hard work worthwhile.

John Clavijo, Studio & Production Director: It’s easy to “enjoy the relationship” when you actually enjoy who you work with…both clients and co-workers. But, it’s important to study it too. You will have even better relationships when you study them, which hopefully means you enjoy them even more!

Heather Taylor, Account Director: The most important aspect of my job is to cultivate meaningful relationships with both clients and coworkers. A big part of that is learning about different personality types and how to truly connect with them.

Rob Marbury, President & Creative Director:  Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy, and I believe that EVERYTHING comes down to relationships. This is true of family, friends, co-workers, and clients (none are mutually exclusive, by the way). It is important to STUDY our clients, so we can anticipate what they need before they ask, and provide the best and most creative path to reach their strategic goals.



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