Cheersing Marketing Minute

Wearing the (Sweat) Pants in the Family

The whiskey liqueur connoisseurs at Southern Comfort are rolling out “Drinking Pants” just in time for the first (relatively) normal Thanksgiving. With a secret shot glass pocket, these limited-edition sweatpants could just bring you one step closer to being sent to the kids’ table. Southern Comfort hopes these britches will benefit from the athleisure boom of the pandemic while keeping the brand top of mind as holiday budgets dwindle from inflation. The idea stems from their “So Tasteful” campaign, which paints Southern Comfort as a brand that‘s classy with a fun side. That’s why they’re equipped with a reversible “Fancy Pants” option so you can wear them two days in a row (with limited judgment). It makes sense given that novelty products see serious success this time of year, and with a festive price tag of $11.23 and an adjustable drawstring for a food baby, these slacks are making strides.

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