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Avatars With Attitude

Whether it’s a pan pizza or an airbrushed tee, there’s something special about having things personalized.

So, we got to thinking: we can do animation, so why not give more character to, well, our characters? And with no hesitation, our A-list animator, Grace Halley, rose to the challenge and said, “This one’s personal,” pointing to her avatar, and getting right to work.
You’re probably familiar with our team avatars, and we think you’ll enjoy seeing how they’ve been “brought to life.” (If we may be so bold to say.)
Now those are the kind of things we like to see with no reservation!



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Ecstatic Animatics

Using the skills and understanding of animation, Grace pulled the strings, rigging up each avatar like a puppet— placing each moving part on its own layer and having them all move in harmony. A lot of thought goes into the timing of a tennis ball, or a brow raise or the iconic “hair flip,” all tailor-made to add some emotion in motion to our cartoon crew of creatives.
We can do the same for you as well, whether it’s your avatar, or company logo that could use some livening up. Talk to your Account Executive about our Logo Animation Build Process (LAB-Pro). And before you ask…no, Dr. Frankenstein, there are no stitches, bolts, or lightning involved.

To attest to our animation prowess— head to
our site to check out the full cast of characters.

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