Pop tart Marketing Minute

Home Sweet Home

After a long day of running, running as fast as you can, what could be better than a house of gingerbread, man? Kellogg’s has thrown their chef hat in the real estate ring by listing a gingerbread house put together with Pop-Tarts on Zillow. Centered around the holiday tradition of making gingerbread houses, Gingerbread Pop-Tarts return to shelves in nine newly printed designs in an attempt to inspire a look for your very own fruit scone home. The listing for the .0006 acre-property in the foothills of the “Applefritterlachians” leads viewers to directions on how to make one for themselves, as well as a chance to win $15,000 that can be used towards a mortgage if theirs is chosen on social media. Through this positive message on a frosted foundation, both Zillow and Kellogg’s hope to raise awareness in each other’s core audiences. I will say, it could be worth the investment—small houses are extremely flippable.

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