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5 Myths of Medical Practice Marketing

MYTH #1: "We have a brand, it’s on our business card."
Brands don't really attract patients anyway.

PhoenixFirst of all, ouch, my brain. If you want to see your practice go beyond succeeding and move into the realm of absolutely crushing it, you need to know something – A brand is not a logo, it’s a deliverable claim of distinction. It is what your practice stands for…and it sets you apart from competitors. It’s your look, but it’s also the personality of your company. It’s a promise; it’s what your patients, partner physicians and employees attach their expectations to.

And with 81% of consumers saying they need to trust a brand to buy from them, you want to be able to give them a ‘face’ to set expectations for. Otherwise, your practice’s unique offerings will go unrewarded. Imagine if Oreo didn’t have consistent branding. Every time you went to the store you would wander around in search of a type of cookie with crème filling sandwiched by two chocolate-esque cookie things. Seems a whole lot harder to do than just seeing the blue colored packaging in the snack isle and blindly reaching to grab what you know is a box of Oreos. Oreo must be aware of the fact that consistent presentation of a brand has been shown to increase revenue as much as 33%. Even just using a signature color can increase your brand recognition by 80%.

Hopefully now you can see the power of brands and how your practice can utilize your brand to attract patients. With the “brands don’t do much” myth now dispelled, here are a few questions you may want to consider in making 2021 legendary:

  • What does your practice stand for?
  • Does your brand identity speak to the traits/personality of your brand position?
  • Do you know what your Unique Selling Propositions (differentiators) and key messages are?
  • Does your website clearly communicate what your brand stands for?
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